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Guest appearance in Jazvenik
22.11. 2014

A guest appearance of all culture and art sections of Czech Beseda Rijeka took place on November 22 in Jazvenik, for the first time this year.

Rijeka Ethno-Review
05.10. 2014

Eighteenth Rijeka Ethno-show was held on Sunday, October 5, 2014. It was an all-day program under the motto Richness in living together.

Nostalgia performed at Kostanj beach
28.06. 2014

Eighteenth traditional meeting of persons with disabilities from whole Croatia was held on Saturday, June 28, 2014 on the beach located in the bay Kostanj between Rijeka and Opatija

National Dishes Book
17.06. 2014

Slovenian minority organized in the Slovenian cultural home Bazovica Rijeka is preparing the project "Richness of diversity through national dishes"

Naše Jaro
14.06. 2014

Naše Jaro (Our Spring) festival of Czech children's folklore took place in Međurić, near Kutina, on Saturday, June 14, 2014.

Days of Czech Culture in Bjelovar
31.05. 2014

Czech community Bjelovar organized the traditional and well visited Czech Culture Days, presenting its activities and to Bjelovar residents and guests.

Work day, maypole and party
03.05. 2014

Despite of the unpredictable April weather CBR members made this quite an interesting and productive week. On Wednesday, April 30, they organized a work day...


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