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Bulletin "Our Word" and Other Editions


Czech Beseda issues its quarterly news bulletin "Naše řeč" (Our Word), and sends it for free to its members and friends. This purpose of the bulletin is not just to inform our members, the leadership of the Czech Union, other besedas and all our friends about our activities and to contribute to the improvement of the Czech language among our members, but we want to leave a permanent written record of our existence and our activities to future generations.

Naše řečThe first issue was published in December 1996. The bulletin informs about the actions, plans, performances and travels of CB Rijeka members and groups, but also about the guests who visit us in Rijeka (dance and drama groups, music bands, choirs...). We publish literary and informative contributions of our members and friends, language studies (e.g. dictionary of Croatian - Czech homonyms by prof. Križan), studies about the Czech people who lived in this area and left a lasting mark of their existence and activities, songs byCzech poets, travelogues aimed to discover regions and cities in the Czech Republic, the interesting cultural and architectural heritage of Rijeka, etc. There are also sayings, language riddles and puzzles, anecdotes, recipes, etc.

For financial reasons, the bulletin is technically very modest. Editorial board is composed of the chief editor prof. Snježana Herceg (writing the majority of texts, graphics editing , printing, distribution, ...), the editor mr. Marcela Čović and lector mr. Zdena Steckerova from the Czech Republic. The board takes care of everything that has to do with the bulletin.

Since the beginning publication Our word has had, with one exception, expert lectors from the Czech Republic. Proofreading was done by Vjera Srića, Jana Filipenská, Petr Trunec, and for the past ten years Zdena Steckerová (except one issue - Marcela Čović).

Members of Czech Beseda Rijeka have published (in Croatian and Czech) a collection of recipes for the Czech cakes that they prepare most often.

Mrs. Herta Tadić, a member of the Czech Beseda Rijeka, is registered with the International Writers Register. So far, she has published five collections of poems in Czech language, with translation into Croatian by Mrs. Vera Badurina. She donated all proceeds from the sales of books for the construction of the T. G. Masaryk Czech Home in Rijeka.


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