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Ceska beseda RijekaCzech Beseda Rijeka was established on September 17, 1994, being the first newly-formed Czech organization after the war in Croatia. Today it has about 150 members. The organization a is active as a part of the Czech Union in the Republic of Croatia, a non-political organization of voluntarily united Czech besedas, schools, clubs and individuals. The Union brings together 30 Czech besedas from all over Croatia. Out of the 30 besedas, the one in Rijeka is the furthest away from town of Daruvar where most Croatian Czechs live, and which is the center of the Czech Union; and it is also the only such organization on the Adriatic coast.

Immediately after its establishment, the young beseda in Rijeka has been working hard to preserve the Czech culture, language and customs. During almost 20 years of activity, it achievedexcellent results, comparable to many older Czech besedas.

Nowadays, beseda Rijeka has three dance groups, amateur theatre, puppet theatre, choir and library. Quarterly, it issues bulletin "Our word" in the Czech language, to inform its members and friends about its activities. It holds courses of Czech language, and in elementary school Podmurvice (Rijeka) there is a program of Czech language and culture, 3 hours per week according to the model C.

Beseda has established contacts with many cultural and artistic organizations in the Czech Republic, with most other Czech besedas in Croatia, and with cultural clubs from Kvarner, Istria and Gorski Kotar.Dance groups, choir and theater groups performednot only in hometowns of other Czech besedas in Croatia, but also in many placeswhere the Czechs people do not live, and in the Czech Republic (Bílovice nad Svitavou, Římovin České Budějovice district, Prague, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Němčice nad Hanou, Ostrava and Chomutov).

All these accomplishments were made in spite the fact that Czech Beseda Rijeka did not have its own space until 2009. Therefore, they made it a priority to construct the T. G. Masaryk Czech Home in which they now work and act, although some rooms are still not functional (restaurant and the big kitchen).

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