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St. Nicholas brought gifts


On December 6 at T.G. Masaryk Czech Home, St. Nicholas, accompanied by an angel and a devil, gave gifts to children. The fact that children are able to attend the arrival of their favorite saint and be richly gifted arose from cooperation of Czech Beseda with Peugeot Motor Salon Kuželka and company Kuželka Ltd. The owner of this salon is Czech by origin, and he and his family are members of our association.

Kuželka family sponsored the arrival of St. Nicholas in Czech home by purchasing gifts, snacks and juices for more than seventy children of employees in their salon, children and grandchildren of members of the Czech Beseda, and youngest dance group Raček. Czech Beseda provided room, heating and electricity and all together prepared the celebration, led by Mrs. Kuželka and older girls from the dance group Raček with the help of their leaders and hostesses at Beseda.

Some of the youngest visitors, potential owners of gift bags, were truly scared by the emergence of the bogeyman or devil, but in the end it all worked out and gifts were received even from these potentially suspicious characters. But most children were not only not scared, but they had short poems ready to recite, some sang and even danced with St. Nicholas.

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