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Masquerade in the Czech Home


Every year, Czech Beseda Rijeka organizes a carnival party which traditionally has a great turnout. Besides CBR members there are other guests as well – friends, neighbours and especially the large group of masked members of the association of disabled people who are always very welcome. Whether masked, or in plain clothes, this year the guests enjoyed the party very much with live music, dinner, dancing and rich raffle.

All masks were remarkable, it was a firework of colors and shapes, competing in imagination, originality and wit. Very noticeable were the two fuchsia flowers and sultan with odalisque, but perhaps the most adorable was thirteen month old honey bee who buzzed tirelessly throughout the evening.

The party was held on February 14, the eve of the final manifestation of the Rijeka Carnival international parade- a traditional masqueradeparade in downtown Rijeka.

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