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Czech Beseda Rijeka at the 20th Ethno-review


This year's Ethno-review - presentation of activities of 17 national minorities active in Rijeka and organized in 25 associations - was the jubilee, the twentieth in a row and took place from September 27 to October 1. Organizer - The City of Rijeka worked especially hard this year to prepare a rich program during which Rijeka minorities even more visualized.

Czech Beseda Rijeka participated in a few of the many events that were held during the Ethno-review.

On Thursday, September 29, from 6 to8 PM, it was the Open house day in the T. G. Masaryk Czech Home. The door was wide open for anyone who was interested in the work of Czech Beseda and the building of the Czech Home.

On Saturday, October 1, from 1 to 6 PM, Beseda presented gastro-offer and folklore program. On the gastronomic stand it was possible to see and taste traditional Czech cakes, gingerbread, zelňákyfrom southern Bohemia, potato scones and traditional bramboráky - potato fritters.

In the folklore part of the program, 5 pairs of the folk dance group of married couples performed, and were noticed for their graceful dancing and beautiful costumes.

On Thursday, September 29, from 5 PM, the traditional tenth festival of minority poetry took place on the premises of the Democratic Union of Hungarians. Member of Czech Beseda poet Herta Tadic regularly participates in this festival. On this occasion, about twenty minority poets read their works in their native language and in Croatian translation, from the newly published book Different together.

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