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Dance group LIW activities and performances


  • On Sunday June 12, 2016, the dancers of CB Rijeka modern dance group Lost in Wonderland marked the end of the school year with their regular production. Dancers of all three age groups performed at the occasion.
  • Association for dance and recreation Rotondo from Rijeka organized a dance evening in the Croatian Cultural Centre in Sušak on the first day of summer. CB Rijeka dance group LiW participated.
  • Organized by the Children of Kraljevica association, the second children's festival of song and dance took place on July 17 and 18, including a performance by the dance group LiW.
  • The 10th Majorettes Evening organized by the Our children society of Ogulin took place on July 9, 2016. CB Rijeka dance group LiW participated at this year's event. It was their first visit to Ogulin and they returned delighted by the hospitality and the beauty of the town.
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