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May Celebration


On the eve of May 1, Rijeka Czechs met at the Czech House of T. G. Masaryk to decorate and set the traditional May tree - the so-called májka. Máje, májka or máj are names for a treetop decorated with colorful ribbons and a bottle of liquor that in many European countries, traditionally also in the Czech Republic, symbolizes the central element of the spring celebration. In Rijeka, the May tree was first set in 2014 by Rijeka Czechs.

The first weekend after the 1st of May was in the Czech Beseda Rijeka eventful, cheerful and festive. The May party was organized for many guests. Czech Beseda Hercegovac arrived with its brass band that played to the delight of visitors gathered during the act of demolition, or removal of the May tree.

This was followed by more than two-hour long cultural program that was very liked by all present. Performing were the singing-dancing group of adults and girls' dance group Stars from Hercegovac accompanied by their brass bands. Czech Beseda Rijeka showed a part of their work through the performance girls' dance group Raček, who danced the Czech dances, singing group Nostalgia and folklore groups of married couples dancing the Czech dances. Also performing was LIW dance group with modern dances.

The amateur drama group of Czech Beseda Daruvar CB2 was also in Rijeka, presenting excellent performance in the comedy "Concession” to a delighted audience. This drama group has won this year's festival of Czech amateur theater and thus acquired the right, by the decision of the national selector for amateur theater activity, to perform at the national festival of Croatian amateur theater. The play called Concession is rewrite of an older text of the French salon burlesque, prepared for film by writer Jacques Wilfrid and director Jean Girault. It became famous in 1963 thanks to the film Pouic-pouic. Vlatka Danjek adapted and directed the play for Daruvar amateur theatre. Acting performances, scenery, costumes ... in a word the whole show was of high quality and repeatedly encouraged the audience to applause at the open stage.

After the program and dinner, both guests and hosts had fun for a long time, hanging out with music from Hercegovac. Before dawn, the guests from Hercegovac went on the way home, while those from Daruvar stayed overnight in Czech Beseda hostel to use the next day for an outing in Rijeka.


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