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Pre-Christmas Performances


Krimeja Seniors’ Club

Singers group Nostalgia and adult dancers appeared on Friday, December 19 in early evening hours in seniors’ club Krimeja, along with polyphonic male vocal group Grdelin. Seniors have shown tremendous interest in this program, seeking an extra chair or a standing place on the side. Since the audience did not understandCzech language, they listened with joy to short but interesting interpretations of each song, its origin and content. The performance of adult dancers was also very well received.

Bonavia - Days of Russian Culture

Girls from dance group Ráček accepted an invitation from Rijeka minority association with which we have not yet cooperated closely and danced at Hotel Bonavia Days of Russian Culture in Rijeka. The program took place on December 19, after the annual assembly of "Rusky dom” association. "Rusky dom” has 105 members and this was celebration of their fourth anniversary. They were very interested in the activities of the Czechs of Rijeka, whose successful work they would like to take as a model. Very interesting for us were their costumes, language, welcome and hospitality. The meeting was interesting for members of both associations and we hope it created a good setting for further cooperation.

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