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Preservation and improvement of the Czech language - courses


Since its founding, Czech Beseda Rijeka paid attention to preservation of the Czech language. Our newsletter "Naše řeč" has lectors since the year 2000 - experts in the Czech language from the Czech Republic (Petr Trunec , Jana Filipenská and Zdena Steckerová), and continuously publishes columns and articles about the Czech language.

In "Naše řeč " was also published a unique - the first (in the Czech Republic as well as in Croatia) Dictionary of Croatian - Czech homonyms by Ph.D. Zdenko Križan , which is an invaluable contribution to the welfare of the Czech language in Croatia. The dictionary is available on this website.

We also take care of the language when rehearsing theater and puppet shows as well as in singing.

Since its beginning, Beseda organized courses of Czech language for beginners (both children and adults) and advanced students. All courses in the beginning were taught by Snježana Herceg , except a short course for advanced learners in 2002. led by Jana Filipenská from the Czech Republic . Since the school year 2009/2010 in Rijeka Podmurvice elementary school the Czech language and culture are taught 3 hours per week in two groups, according to the model C.

Almost continuously, in "Naše řeč" are published articles about language and grammar, and exercises using which readers can update their knowledge or learn to write Czech correctly. Articles on language and spelling were prepared Snježana Herceg, Vjera Srića, Blanka Hrgetić, and the most valuable contributions are those by Marcela Čović "Z české mluvnice."

A very popular feature was named Vala-Nevala, in which the authors (Steckerová , Herceg and Valenčić), in an interesting and friendly manner with very successful and humorous illustrations, warned about and explained errors that occur in "Croatian Czech language," brought about by the inevitable assimilation and Croatization, and warned about the misunderstandings that the use of "our Czech" can cause.

Similar interesting, and already a favorite, feature with valuable unique illustrations is published currently, called "Pojďme si zadaruvařit" authored by Z. Steckerová , S. Herceg and B. Valenta.


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