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Annual Assembly


Electoral annual assembly of Czech Beseda was held on Saturday, 14th March 2015, at the T. G. Masaryk Czech Home.

After selecting the Working Presidency and the Compliance Committee and approving the rules of procedure, a minute of silence was given in honor of Beseda members that passed away during past two years. Verification committee report followed, verifying that a sufficient number of members were present and the Assembly could lawfully decide. Reports on activities in the past period were filed - financial report, the report of the Supervisory Committee, reports on the activities of choirs and dance groups, Naše řeč newsletters, activities on the website and on learning the Czech language and culture in the model C. A discussion followed and then all the reports were unanimously approved, and the Chairwoman, Executive and Supervisory Committee resolved of duty. Elections followed.

For CB Rijeka President for the next biennium was unanimously reelected Franciska Husak. Members of the new Executive and Supervisory Committee were elected. This was followed by congratulations and gratitude of elected president who presented plans for work in the next period.

Secretary of the Czech Union in Croatia Jarmila Kulhavá greeted the gathering on behalf of the Union President Libuše Stranik and parliamentary representative for the Czech and Slovak minority Vladimir Bilek. She praised the work of our association and cooperation with the Union, wished success in further activities.

Before the working part of the meeting, all CB Rijeka groups gave a short performance – two generations of dance group Ráček, singing group Nostalgia and dance group of married couples. The evening ended with dinner in a pleasant atmosphere.

Elected to the Executive Committee of CB Rijeka were: anciska Husak, Zdenka Blažek, Marija Dmejhal, Snježana Herceg, Čáslav Hovan, Tamara Macakanja, Ruža Marić, Vladimira Marinković, Darinka Milde, Dragica Munić, Kristina Palačinović, Ana Radoja, Antun Řehák, Dobrila Řehák, Josef Růžička, Franjo Sedláček, Veronika Tomšić and Zdenka Valenčić.

Supervisory Committee: Mirjana Dvorny, Jana Radović and Marinko Valenčić.

Constitutive meeting of the Executive Committee

After the general meeting on March 18, a constitutional meeting of the newly elected Executive Committee CB Rijeka was held, where Snježana Husak and Ana Radoja were chosen as vice-presidents. Secretary is Darinka Milde, cashier is Tamara Macakanja, and responsible for membership dues Zdenka Valenčić.

Chair of the Supervisory Committee is Mirjana Dvorny.

Organization of singing group is trusted to Marija Dmejhal, while Antun Rehak is the conductor and professional leader. Snježana Husak and Vladimira Marinković are leaders of Ráček dance group, both younger and older, and V. Marinković is also leader of modern dance group LIW. Mirjana Dvorny is the leader of the married couples dance group. Editor of Naše řeč newsletter and information officer is Snježana Herceg, and Jasna Herceg is the webmaster.

Marija Dmejhal, Zdenka Valenčić and Dobrila Rehak will take care of traditional costumes and other outfits. Chech Home custodian is Časlav Hovan, with help of Marinko Valenčić and Josef Ružička. Jana Radović is in charge of the library.

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