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Couples dance group visited Dubrava near Vrbovec


Czech Beseda of Zagreb County held its regular annual meeting on Saturday 7 July 2015 and at the same time organized a Day of Czech culture. They invited friends from the Czech Beseda Lipovac and Rijeka to this ceremony.

After the official part of the parliamentary session during which they evaluated the positive results of their annual activity, the hosts presented a part of Czech culture through song, dance and music to their guests and the population of the area where they live and work, the Zagreb surroundings. Contributing to the presentation were the singing group and brass band of the Czech Beseda Lipovac and dance group of married couples of Czech Beseda Rijeka. A rich and varied program took place in the sports hall in Dubrava and was followed by gathering at lunch, song, dance and music at the picnic at Zvekovac.

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