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Raček at Children's Festival in Kaptol


This year’s Czech children's folklore festival Naše Jaro (Our Spring) took place in Kaptol, where it is traditionally organized with the exception of last year when it was staged in Međurić. The novelty was the fact that the program took place on the school playground, and not on the square at the foot of the Kaptol fortress as before. It took place on Sunday, 13th of June, and the joy of the children that resulted from the reunion with their friends and the show they could be disrupted even by very high summer temperatures that day. More than 500 children met there, from Czech Besedas and Czech schools across Croatia. Kaptol was probably the most cheerful and colorful place in the country that day, because they were all in traditional or stylized Czech costumes.

Youngest folk dancers from Rijeka, members of the younger group Raček went on a long, more than five-hour trip to Kaptol with their leaders to dance in beautifully decorated costumes and also show other friends that have worked hard all year and that the results of this work are noteworthy.

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