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Ráček and LIW


Girls' dance group has over the years repeatedly changed its name, so on this site and in our newsletter you can read about them as "Male Ribice" or "Račići," and presently they are called group "Ráček".

RáčekRáček is now the name for the dance group that performs traditional Czech dances in stylized Czech costumes. It has around 30 young dancers in the two age groups. In the younger group are 17 girls under 12 years of age, and in the older are 16 girls age 12 and up. Their leaders are Snježana Husak and Vladimira Marinković. They dance dances that are choreographed by Eva Zetová, Míla Brtník and Vladimira Marinković.

Group Ráček has performed on stages of many Croatian Czech organizations, the Children's Festival in Zábřeh in the Czech Republic, and in 2012 they won second prize at the International Compatriotic Festival in Prague. In Rijeka, the group hosted, among others, several children's dance ensembles from the Czech Republic (Štěpnička, Škubánek, Šípek...).

Dance group named LIW (abbreviation for Lost in Wonderland) is the same group of girls dancing in the Ráček group. They are also divided into younger and older groups. As LIW, they dance modern dances and whatever they like, mostly to contemporary American music. LIW members say they are together not only to dance, but because they like to be together, and their motto is "Dance is a team sport." They often organize theme parties (Harry Potter Weekend, Winter Ball, teambuilding...).

LIWEvery year they give four productions for members of Czech Beseda Rijeka, parents, grandparents, relatives and friends. The enthusiasm with which these girls approach the dance and music is evident in these productions. The group also performs at other venues, in other Czech besedas and locally.

The leader of this dance group is Vladimira Marinković, who, often in collaboration with the girls in the group, is the author of all choreographies.

Groups Ráček and LIW, together with their leaders, organize children's festival "Djeca Rijeci" (Children to Rijeka) that is traditional since 2008. In that time, the festival has earned a good reputation and has become a favorite among children's dance groups from Rijeka, Gorski Kotar, Primorje, Kvarner islands, from other Czech besedas in Croatia, but also from the Czech Republic.


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