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CB Rijeka at the 90th Anniversary of the Harvest Festival in Daruvar


On July 10 and 11, Czechs from Croatia celebrated the 90th anniversary of organization of the harvest festival Dožinky. The event, which was conceived as a meeting of Czech folklore groups, turned into genuine and beautiful harvest festivities, which are normally organized every two years. A festive evening folklore program was organized on the eve of the main event, as was an exhibition about all previous Dožinky, a parade of all participants in Czech national costumes passed through the city, in a park at the foot of Jankovic's castle was a real Czech Fair where they offered authentic products and dishes.The main evening folklore program took place at the stadium, followed by traditional entertainment "majales” at the schoolyard.

The ceremony was organized by the Czech Union in Croatia and Czech Beseda Daruvar under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and attended by many distinguished guests from Croatia and the Czech Republic.

Twenty members of Czech Beseda traveled to the harvest festival from Rijeka, led by folk dance group of adults who participated in the parade and the Saturday evening program at the Daruvar stadium.

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