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Amateur Theatre


Divadlo 2013Czech Beseda Rijeka theatre group today has 12 members. It was established in 1996. The first play that they rehearsed was called "Zasnoubení z mrtvolou," with the help of Jiřina Staňová, who was at the time head of the successful theater group from Daruvar. Later we were helped and advised by teachers from the Czech Republic Zdena Steckerová, Bohdana Šolcova and J. Krejči, as well as professional directors in Czech amateur theatres V. Dedek , J. Strejcovsky...

Until today, the group gave 19 plays at Czech amateur theater festivals in Croatia. Twice they were chosen among the top three performances at this festival and performed in front of national selector responsible for the selection of plays to perform at the national festival of amateur theater. They have appeared in several towns in the Czech Republic, in many Czech besedas in Croatia, and of course in Rijeka. All plays are prepared and directed, sometimes together with actors, by Fanika Husak.

When practicing and preparing these plays some actors, who do not speak Czech very well, actually learn Czech or improve their pronunciation. Czech amateur theatre in Croatia is becoming an important element for the preservation of their mother (Czech) tongue.

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