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Singing Group "Nostalgia"


NostalgieThis singing group has grown from a group of enthusiasts and fans of Czech songs , which initially met and sang , as they always emphasized , "for their soul." They began to sing for the love of Czech song, and aspiration and desire to share the beauty of folk songs with others brought about the first public appearances.

This created a mixed singing group which was later named "Nostalgia." So far, they performed many times on stages in Primorsko-Goranska County - in Gorski Kotar, Opatija, Rijeka - but also in many other places in Croatia - hometowns of Czech besedas, as well as in the Czech Republic (Bílovice nad Svitavou, Němčice nad Hanou, Římov, Prague, Chomutov, Hostěradice, Ostrava...).

Mr. Petr Trunec from the Czech Republic began to work with them in the autumn of 2000. This musician and conductor of choirs opened the door to the world of choir singing - he was their first conductor, and the results of his work have left a lasting mark. After the departure of Mr. Trunec the Croatia, our member Anthony Tony Řehák took over choir training and conducting, and he leads the choir today. Choir organizer is Marija Dmejhal.

Choreographer Zetová handed in 2000 to the Czech musician Miroslav Císař a tape of amateur recordings of Croatian Czech songs by Rijeka singers, and asked for his professional opinion on these songs . Based on his findings, the first songbook titled Songs of Czechs in Croatia was published.

Czech Beseda Rijeka was in September of 2001 the organizer of the first Zpěvánky, festival of Czech singing groups and choirs from Croatia, which were held under the auspices of the Czech Union in Croatia. This event has become traditional, Zpěvánky are held each year, and took place in Rijeka eight times so far.

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